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Thanks to her great-uncle David from Denmark, Rosemary is already team F.C. Copenhagen! #fccopenhagen #fck

Quilt top done! Need to go to the Workroom to buy some batting 😁 #babyquilt #lizzyhouse #catnap

My pre-birthday/anniversary/christmas gift. Hello Bernina! 

Pentax K1000.

Pentax K1000.

How to look cute for tattooed men.

Just wear a headband!

Mr. Environment got me paper towels.

He keeps a diet coke in the fridge for me.

He made me soup yesterday and set me up for World of Warcraft.

But most of all,

he has a lv 80 tank that I can use as the meat shield later on.

My heart is French.
A guy wanting to go to Europe during the weekends, but has an exam this Thursday
I mean, isn’t it odd - how you can buy a lap dance, phone sex, or a blowjob in a snap, but can’t pay a person a dollar to just sit next to you on a park bench and simply hold your hand?
jeffrey mcdaniel (via yourlungs)